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2. Marcus Svensson, Sweden


TEHRAN, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) -- Iran's national under-23 wheelchair basketball team finished first at the Asia-Oceania qualifying tournament for the 2017 IWBF Men's Under-23 World Championship, Press TV reported on Saturday.

The Iranian team edged past the Japanese team 67-51 in a title match staged in the Thai capital city of Bangkok on Saturday.

Six countries, namely Australia, China, India, Iran, Japan and Thailand, took part in the competitions in Bangkok.

Three teams of Australia, Iran and Japan were qualified for the 2017 IWBF Men's Under-23 World Championship to be held at the Mattamy Athletic Center in the Canadian city of Toronto on June 8-16.

The upcoming IWBF Under-23 World Championship, which is held every four years, will be in its sixth edition.

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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of shooting skeet men at the Rio Olympic Games here on Saturday:

1. Gabriele Rossetti, Italy

2. Marcus Svensson, Sweden

3. Abdullah Alrashidi, IOA

4. Mikola Milchev, Ukraine

5. Jesper Hansen, Denmark

6. Stefan Nilsson, Sweden

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ng Kong declined to comment. The U.S. Justice Department and the FBI could not be reached for comme

SEOUL, Sept. 6 (Xinhua) -- South Korea's economic recovery remains weak on the back of still lackluster private consumption and exports, a state-run think tank said Tuesday.

The Korea Development Institute (KDI) said in a monthly report that signs of overall economic recovery have yet to be detected amid slumping retail sales as well as faltering exports and facility investment.

The report said some economic indicators showed a modest growth that cannot lead to an overall recovery.

Industrial production in all industries increased 3.2 percent in July, but it was lower than a 4.8 percent expansion in the previous month.

Excluding ICT sector, production in the mining and manufacturing industries reduced 2.4 percent in July, with services industry production growing 2.7 percent in July after rising 5.4 percent in June. Facility investment tumbled 12.3 percent.

Retail sales gained 4.3 percent in July after expanding 9.0 percent in the prior month as temporary cut in consumption tax for cars ended at the end of June.

Auto sales by the country's carmakers in the domestic market reduced 10.6 percent in August from a year earlier.

Exports, which account for about half of the economy, grew 2.6 percent in August from a year ago, marking the first rebound in 20 months, but daily average exports declined 5.3 percent last month, bolstering concerns about the main growth engine of the export-driven economy.

The government had unveiled a supplementary budget plan worth 11 trillion won (10 billion U.S. dollars), but it was passed last Friday through the National Assembly more than a month after the proposal. It remains uncertain whether the fiscal stimulus could have a fully positive effect on the economy.

Bank of Korea is expected to refrain from cutting its policy rate further as the U.S. Federal Reserve is widely forecast to raise interest rate at least once within this year.

The bank lowered its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points in June to an all-time low of 1.25 percent.

Spanish tennis player Cheap San Francisco 49ers Jerseys , Rafael Nadal was this Tuesday named the greatest Spanish sports star in history.

The winner of 13 Grand Slam's and the current number 1 in the ATP world ranking, received the award at the Gala for the 75th anniversary of the Spanish sports paper Diario Marca on Tuesday.

Nadal was voted for by readers of the paper ahead of five times Tour de France winner, Miguel Indurain and basketball star, Pau Gasol, who is without doubt the greatest Spanish basketball player of all time.

Nadal's feats had been recognized by the readers of Marca in 2007 when he won the Marca Legend award.

The tennis ace has enjoyed a fantastic 2013, coming back from a career threatening knee injury to win events such as the French Open, as well as claiming his 25th and 26th ATP Masters 1000 titles in Montreal and Cincinnati, before then winning the US Open, beating Novak Djokovic in the final.

Djokovic would have his revenge by beating Nadal in the China Open, but the fact he reached the final of the event meant Nadal ends 2013 back at the top of the world rankings once again.

Apart from the special award for Nadal, the Marca gala also recognized the performances of many other Spanish sports stars, such as Formula 1 driver, Fernando Alonso and rally driver, Carlos Sainz, Gasol and the former captain on the Spanish women's national team, Amaya Valdemoro, cyclist Alberto Contador, Spanish national football team coach, Vicente dl Bosque and Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, among many others.

There was also time to remember some of the stars who no longer alive, such as golfer Severiano Ballasteros, footballers, Ricardo Zamora and Telmo Zarra and former basketball coach Antonio Diaz Miguel.

Former Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) banker Tim Leissner has been subpoenaed by the U.S. Justice Department in a money laundering probe linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), Bloomberg reported on Monday.

Leissner was issued the subpoena in late February, days before Goldman confirmed that he had parted ways with the U.S. bank, Bloomberg reported, citing people briefed on the matter.

Leissner, who was the chairman of Goldman's Southeast Asia business since mid-2014, helped arrange the sale of U.S. dollar bonds for Malaysian state investor 1MDB, sources told Reuters in February.

Prosecutors in the Justice Department's kleptocracy asset-recovery unit are investigating whether funds were embezzled from 1MDB, by politically connected people in Malaysia, Bloomberg reported.

A spokesman for Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong declined to comment. The U.S. Justice Department and the FBI could not be reached for comment outside regular business hours.

Leissner or his representative was not immediately available for comment.

The U.S. government is reviewing Goldman's business relationship with the Malaysian wealth fund as part of a broader, wide-ranging investigation into 1MDB, an FBI spokeswoman told Reuters in October.

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approval to send

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Signage is mostly used to communicate where they can give very detailed information about certain services or facilities for instance maps, instructions or directories. They are also used to show the direction by using arrows and sign posts. They are also used to identify normal given services and other facilities for example room labels and other functions such as numbers and restroom signs and floor numbers. Signage are also used to give safety warning and instructions hence they convey the given rules and standards. It can hence be explained as a very distinct way of giving detailed information on a specific product.

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The company globe is dynamic, and we are seeing the quick rise of individuals that are wanting to work at home. Some companies are looking to make their staff sub-contractors because they need to pay less advantages. The economy and natural disasters have affected others. As a result, more and more individuals are looking to begin a home business of their own.

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Google Adwords

This is probably one of your ideal promotional tools for every penny that is spent. This will require some study in picking the right chosen keywords to utilize in the Google program. There’s a cost per click – every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay a couple cents, that is preset by you. Though good, it’ll take a lot of monitoring to get it right, and to keep it there.

Submit To Search Engines Like Google

Different web sites will publish your website info, with your keyword phrases, to multiple search engines like google. Some websites will submit your details to around 75 search engines – for free. For a rather little fee, this amount could be multiplied plenty times. These will get the word out to the many popular engines, including Google and bing. A quantity of search engines will take more than 3 weeks to list your website.

Produce An Ezine

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If you look around cyber space, you will find numerous other how to get the word out about your business. Add some new ones continuously and see what gets the best results.

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water damage restoration - Flooded basement 101 If you find that your basement has been flood

What really has made the whole situation more difficult is the rise of the debit card. Debit cards that are attached to a checking account are so convenient to use. After all Ito Smith Jersey , it is so easy to make a charge on your debit card for the goods and services you need. But here is the catch that most consumers don’t know about: your debit card transaction will be honored by your bank, even if you do not have sufficient funds to cover it.

Now, this sounds like your bank is doing you a favor, but remember, when you have overdraft protection in place, the result is – ding – yet another charge to your account. These can really add up fast, putting you more in the hole. The whole situation is set up to basically invite more overdraft charges into your life.

How to Find a Bank with No Overdraft Fees

If you want to find a bank with no overdraft fees, check out these tips:

1. If you live in the U.S., make sure that the bank is FDIC-insured. This means that, even if they were to go under, your funds would still be safe.

2. Choose a no-overdraft-fee bank that allows you to sign up online.

3. Make sure the bank gives you access to a nationwide ATM network so you have ready access to your cash.

Once you find your no overdraft fee bank, you will be glad that you made the switch. The monthly savings will be noticeable right away, since you will never have to pay an overdraft fee again!

Homeowners often become very interested in the Federal Reserve Bank system. Every time the board of directors meets, mortgage interest rates are at risk.

Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve System acts as the central bank of the United States. Created in 1913, the Federal Reserve sets monetary and financial policies for the financial industry and trades currency with foreign countries. The Federal Reserve also acts as the bank for the federal government. When you send a check in with your tax return, it ends up in the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve System is made up of 12 branch offices. The New York office is the primary office with other branches located across the country.

The primary job of the Federal Reserve is to manipulate fiscal policy. The goal is to fine-tune the economy to create a stable, predictable situation in which businesses can function. Wildly fluctuating economic keys, such as interest rates, can lead to chaos. In the late 1970’s, for instance, interest rates shot up into the high teens, causing a major economic slow down.

The Federal Reserve effectively controls mortgage interest rates in a unique manner. Many people mistakenly believe interest rates are actually set by the Federal Reserve. They clearly are not. Instead, the Federal Reserve directly dictates the rates at which one bank can loan money to another. Let’s take a closer look.

Every bank in the United States must hold back a percentage of its monetary assets. Put another way, the bank is forced to maintain a savings account. While this money cannot be loaned to consumers, it can be loaned to other banks. a payday loan

Mitchell is a student and a writer for various financial blogs. He hopes to one day run his own financial services blog

A flooded basement is a big problem for homeowners. It also causes huge expenses. There are many ways water enters the basement. It may seep in through the floor and the walls of the basement. Water damage and the need for restoration might also flood the area when the vents or the ducts in the basement have not been sealed properly. Flooding of the basement leads to other problems as well including growth of molds, slime and bad odor. There are of course ways to prevent the basement from getting flooded in the event of a heavy rainfall or melting snow.

water damage restoration - Flooded basement 101
If you find that your basement has been flooded you need to be aware of a number of things. The very first thing that you should know is that your electricity and gas should be turned off before you enter a flooded basement. You should keep the doors and the windows open so as to allow air to come in. You would have to inspect the walls to see if there has been any structural damage both on the inside and the outside of the basement. Certain measures that can be adopted by the homeowners include sealing the joints that are present in between the floors and the walls and shifting the drainage pipes away from the low lying areas that are there help to prevent water from flooding the basements.

How to start the water damage restoration care of a flooded basement
The first step towards solving the problem of a flooded basement is to remove the water that has collected there. A gas pump can be employed for the purpose. You must ensure that the pump has not been connected to the electrical system in the house as it might be dangerous. Also you must also see to it that the water is not pumped out very quickly from the basement. Let it take a few day for the water to be completely removed form the basement otherwise there is the danger of structural damages happening.

After the water has been removed, the process of cleaning begins. When you are cleaning the flooded basement you would have to wear protective gear such as boots and gloves. The first step is to remove all the garbage and debris that has colleted there. You can use a shovel for this purpose. The walls and floors would need to be cleaned too. After the garbage has been removed, the next step is to dry the area. A dehumidifier or a heating system should be used for the purpose. You can search the yellow pages to know about the companies that specialize in cleaning a flooded basement. They have the right equipment and expertise to solve the problem. If you want to do it on your own and want to rent the equipments there are rental agencies that make available equipme. Authentic MLB Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys Throwback NFL Jerseys China Custom Soccer Jerseys Wholesale New NHL Jerseys Cheap Cheap Basketball Jerseys Cheap NCAA Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China

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what is your brand promotional goal

While asking these types of questions in your head, the company has already met its promotional goal - to get people to think about its brand. This is exactly what every business wants to attain when using promotional products.
To get a good sales, our company should share a dedication to sensing, serving, and satisfying the needs of customers in a well-defined market. Branding is a quick and stable way to boost your goal. Custom pop sockets with your own logo printed on it would help a lot. This practical phone accessories is very popular today. Feel free to try wholesale popsockets with cheap price online and win your Christmas sale season.
The idea is to get people to wear their name and promote the business out in the open like a walking billboard, rendering others to wonder about the business name that's printed on the items. This is the main reason why branded promotional caps are perfect to showcase a company's name.

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ile maintain

Zhang Liangying recently launched a national tour in Beijing. She rose to fame in a reality TV show a decade ago. [Photo by Zhang WeiChina Daily]
It has been 10 years since singer Zhang Liangying Kyle Williams Youth Jersey , also known as Jane Zhang, shot to fame by winning third place in the 2005 season of the Super Girl contest, a reality TV show.

The national all-female singing competition, broadcast by Hunan Satellite TV Station, drew more than 400 million viewers.

Dubbed the "dolphin princess" for her high-pitched voice at the time, Zhang was compared to Mariah Carey by her fans, but some critics said her girl-next-door image was not polished enough, and she was not thin and fashionable enough, and her overall image did not guarantee a bright future.

However Zhang, 31, has transformed into a mature singer. She lost weight, learned how to apply makeup, found her own fashion style and opened her own studio. With a string of popular albums, including The One, Believe in Jane and the latest, The Seventh Sense, Zhang has launched a national tour, titled Bang the World. Kicking off in Shanghai on June 27, the singer will perform in seven cities in China.

Sitting in a five-star hotel in Beijing, Zhang is dressed in a strapless blouse, a pair of tight black suit pants and a pair of red high-heeled sandals.

"I am so starved right now. To fit into this outfit, I haven't eaten since yesterday," laughs Zhang. "But it's been 10 years and I am getting used to it."

She says the best way to celebrate her first decade as a singer is to perform. Zhang says her fans can expect hits from her throughout her career.

Her voice is still an obvious draw. Zhang has won Chinese music awards for "best female singer" and "best album" more than 40 times. Outside China, she performed her first North American concert in 2007 in Pasadena, California, and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, The World's Got Talent, in 2009.

Born in Chengdu, Sichuan province, Zhang spent most of her childhood with her mother, an office clerk. Her parents divorced when she was 13 and two years later her father died.

Zhang graduated from Sichuan University's Foreign Language Department and studied English. She performed at local pubs as a student, which introduced her to a broad range of music, especially Western.

Taiwan veteran songwriter and producer Jonathan Lee once said that of all the young singers who rose to fame by participating in reality shows, Zhang is one of the few success stories.

"She has moved beyond instant fame and maintains her popularity by branding her music," Lee said earlier.

Looking back on the Super Girl contest, Zhang says: "It began with a dream, a dream that exists inside all of us. I participated in the show because of my pure passion for singing. But after that, it became a whole different thing."

In 2013, Zhang slowed her expanding career. She stopped working and reflected on the past for a few years, asking herself questions like "What kind of singer I want to be?" "Why do I sing?"

"For a long time, I worked very hard to prove myself. But when I asked myself those questions, I could not answer them," says Zhang. "I felt that I needed time to be alone and re-think not just my identity as a singer but also my life."

During that year, she spent time with her family and went traveling. When she decided to start over again, Zhang participated in Hunan Satellite TV Station's popular reality show, I Am a Singer, a competition for professional singers.

The audience was impressed by not just her gorgeous clothes but also her ability to perform a variety of music styles, including the energetic song Bang Bang, which was sung by British singer Jessie J and US singers Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, and John Legend's piano ballad All of Me.

"For me, this search has gone on for years. If you listen to my first album, you will find that I put every musical element that I could think of in it. I was not sure which style was right for me, so I put them all together," she says.

"But now, I am completely aware of what kind of songs I should sing and want to sing. I won't do it blindly. I am having my best days right now."

It’s something all men have heard, yet it still doesn’t always sink in: It’s not the size of the wand but the magic inside it that counts. Yet men still would rather have a big male organ than a small one, even when their current equipment functions exceptionally well and provides pleasure to their partner(s). While maintaining adequate member health is at the top of most men’s list, so is making sure that no shrinkage occurs on this most favorite of their organs. But is that something men need to really worry about?

The answer is a qualified yes.


First off, if a man is already comfortable with his manhood and knows he is an expert at using it, he is far less likely to be concerned with his size. Even if he possesses what some might consider a small male organ (and not just by comparison with the unrealistic monsters that parade across the screen of so many adult videos), if he is satisfied with the work he produces, he will hopefully be free of the curse of constant size comparisons and worries.

But many men do feel that their sense of masculinity is inextricably linked to the size of their member, and for these men, the possibility of losing (or appearing to lose) even a little length might be cause for concern. So for these men, what are some of the possible causes of male organ shrinkage?

• Age. Sorry to say, but the sad fact is that most men do experience some shrinkage when they get older. Not several inches, but a loss of a half-inch or so over time is not unusual. This typically comes about due to a loss of male hormone. As a man ages, his male hormone production generally d. MLB Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys China Football Jerseys China Soccer Jerseys From China Custom NHL Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap College Hockey Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys China Cheap Custom Jerseys Cheap New NHL Jerseys

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Event Hall and meet with Maplestory 2

You need to have a Character Name Change Coupon to make positive changes to name. During the event period, you may purchase 1 Character Name Change Coupon in the Override Coin Shop. The Character Name Change Coupon can even be purchased through the Cash Shop for 15,000 NX.

Take your coupon on the Event Hall and meet with Mr. Newname. Select 'Change Character Name'.

Read their list of rules so if you Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos feel sure you desire to Buy MS 2 Mesos alter your name, click 'Continue'. For security purposes, you will likely be asked to enter your PIC. Enter the revolutionary name you would like for your character and click on 'Change'.

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I never felt like this game had some secret agenda, it was just fun and visually incredible for a free game. It soaked everything up and his nose stopped bleeding. They still interact with each other and get their taste of reality. I RECOMMEND 85 you do not have to do it.
On the Heinz ketchup bottle, it said: ''Up for a Game? Trivial Pursuit Tomato Ketchup.''. Pay per download is really going places, and as the worldwide web has evolved so has the pay per download sites. However, on 21 December 2004, Jagex changed that.
Chronicles appears to be largely the work of a single individual, with some later additions and editing. BUT i the patch isn't the problem solver. Lastly, after the call, we will post our prepared remarks, an audio replay of this call and a transcript..
By using virtual environments, teachers at BDJ and HR can provide an opportunity for students to learn how to navigate in a virtual environment safely and as responsible digital citizens. The next day, Chrae demanded a ransom or he'd do it again. Then Chief Wiggum retorts: "No, dig up, stupid!" So stop using credit.
Alching takes 3 seconds, meaning 20 casts per minute or 78k xp/h. These items are also few in number and have become very expensive over the years. When you don't have anymore room for anymore helms go back out the door you came in through, up the ladder and into the house near the hole with a guy inside named Peska, trade all your rs gold helms to him for $$$.
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How to Get Backlinks That are Quality!

Author: Michael Porteous

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The website has a lot of Rocket League crates and items

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Cards Camp 2018: 3 notes from Wednesday’s Arizona Cardinals training camp

The Arizona Cardinals are closing in on game one of the preseason and the information is coming in at a breakneck pace.They had one of their last open practices today and here was some of the information that came out of it.NFL Network was onsite , so check out the clips at NFL.comKurt Warner was one of the crew on hand today.His opinion is one to listen to when it comes to quarterbacks and he’s definitely going to have a take on Josh Rosen, more so than that of Sam Bradford.The Diche is back, but Josh Bynes sitsThere was a bit of concern yesterday when Robert Nkemdiche sat out practice, but the reality is this is a much more physical Cards Camp than we have seen in the last five seasons. That means rest days for players as much as veteran’s days off.They need to keep key players fresh, and Nkemdiche has been one of the most dominant players in camp.He took a day off, did some cardio and is back the next day. In the same way, we see Josh Bynes get a day off to recover from the brutality that has been Cards Camp 2018.Josh Rosen is going to be goodAll camp all we have heard from players, media and fans has been how good Josh Rosen looks.Moreover Authentic Markus Golden Jersey , all we have heard from inside the facility is how good and how smart Josh Rosen is.Rosen is going to be special, even if it’s not in 2018.Bonus Note:Kurt Warner, still a Cardinals fan.3 Cardinals that need to bounce back against the Bears I don’t need to re-hash what happened against the Rams. You are aware. It was ugly. So looking ahead, I’ll give you three Cardinals that need to bounce back Sunday against the Bears.The offensive lineThat’s right. The entire starting five. This is why it’s ever tough to take stock in what you see during the preseason. The starters looked much improved in a couple quarters worth of action. Now that it’s the real deal, each one of the starters have played poorly. Here is Aaron Donald against the Cardinals last week:Things will be equally as difficult against the Bears. Chicago has the most sacks of any defense in the league. They are stout across the front line. Against Seattle the Bears had eight QB hits and 6 sacks. If Arizona wants to cross mid-field, the entire starting line will need to be better.Mike McCoyI know the offensive line is bad. There are ways to at least scheme out of it. That hasn’t happened enough from offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. One of the most common misconceptions about play-action is that you need a successful run game for it to work. That’s not the case. McCoy sure seems to think so. He’s used it on an NFL low 6% of the time. The NFL average is right around 20%. Running it on early downs could go a long way in both getting Sam Bradford some confidence giving him some easy throws as well as being able to loosen up the defense. The team is averaging 4.7 more yards per play when it runs play-action. That’s the fifth biggest differential in the NFL.The offense is lacking creativity and isn’t putting it’s best players in a position to succeed. You don’t need to run 100 different types of plays to be successful. Look at the Rams, for example. Sean McVay and company run the same handful of plays but use several different motions and formations. That’s creativity.Jamar TaylorIf Arizona is smart Patrick Peterson will follow Allen Robinson into the bathroom. If Peterson continues to play on the left side, like he has 70% of the time this year , Taylor will have a big target on his back. Against the Rams Taylor gave up some big chunk plays. He couldn’t run with Brandin Cooks, and he couldn’t stay with Cooper Kupp. He has to be better. Taylor was never a star, but he’s played much better than what he showed last week. The Bears second and third options are the shiftier type. Taylor will need to be prepared for both the deep shots, and ready to tackle underneath. If he’s not able to, he won’t be starting for much longer.

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July 26 Authentic Chase Edmonds Jersey , UC Irvine, Irvine, CaliforniaLAST YEAR: Coach Sean McVay led one of most remarkable single-season transformations in recent NFL history. Rams ended their streaks of 12 consecutive non-playoff seasons and 13 straight non-winning seasons with rampage to first NFC West title since 2003. Franchise with NFL's worst offense in 2016 became league's highest-scoring team, racking up 478 points after scoring 224 in previous year. Quarterback Jared Goff emerged as solid starter in second season, and running back Todd Gurley was NFL's top offensive player with relentless year. Coordinator Wade Phillips' defense also took quantum leap, with NFL Defensive Player of the Year Aaron Donald leading makeover into versatile, hard-nosed group. Despite tepid home playoff loss to Atlanta, Rams captured city's attention in second year back in LA, shrugging off competition from relocated Chargers.IMPORTANT ADDITIONS: DT Ndamukong Suh, CB Marcus Peters, CB Aqib Talib, WR Brandin Cooks.IMPORTANT LOSSES: LB Robert Quinn, CB Trumaine Johnson, LB Alec Ogletree, WR Sammy Watkins, WR Tavon Austin, LB Connor Barwin, offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur.CAMP NEEDS: Donald skipped all of last season's training camp, and is likely to hold out again while he attempts to land one of biggest contracts in NFL history. His absence didn't hurt much last season, but every day he waits to begin partnership with Suh is missed opportunity. Rams acquired four elite veteran talents in offseason, and they all must connect with teammates quickly. Defense must adjust to styles of Talib and Peters, its two new aggressive cornerbacks. New starting middle linebacker must be chosen after Ogletree's cap-related departure, with Cory Littleton likely to get first shot. Goff and Cooks must build chemistry to keep McVay's high-octane passing game in top form.EXPECTATIONS: Rams all-in on pursuit of first Super Bowl berth since the 2001 season, and have talent to get there. They've brought back almost every important part of last season's excellent offense, and added three game-breaking stars to defense. Even if they still haven't written gargantuan check necessary to make Donald happy, Rams intend to contend for championships for next several years, starting now.SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (9-7)OPEN CAMP: July 26, Virginia Mason Athletic Center, Renton, WashingtonLAST YEAR: Seattle missed postseason for first time since 2011 and injuries and depth issues caught up with aging core. Once-vaunted defense took significant step back and offense that had been best at running was downright dreadful. Seattle had one rushing TD last year by running back and QB Russell Wilson again spent large portions running for his safety. That Seattle won nine games and was in playoff conversation into late December was remarkable.IMPORTANT ADDITIONS: Rookie RB Rashaad Penny, WR Brandon Marshall, WR Jaron Brown, TE Ed Dickson, OL D.J. Fluker, DT Tom Johnson, DT Shamar Stephen, rookie DE Rasheem Green, LB Barkevious Mingo , rookie LB/DB Shaquem Griffin, K Sebastian Janikowski, K Jason Myers, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, offensive line coach Mike Solari, defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.IMPORTANT LOSSES: RB Eddie Lacy, WR Paul Richardson, TE Jimmy Graham, OL Luke Joeckel, DE Cliff Avril, DE Michael Bennett, SS Kam Chancellor, CB Richard Sherman, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, offensive line coach Tom Cable, defensive coordinator Kris Richard.CAMP NEEDS: Happy Earl Thomas is good place to start. Thomas held out from offseason activities and has said he will not take part in team functions until contract situation is addressed. Thomas' deal expires after season. Who will be Seattle's No. 2 wide receiver? Tyler Lockett, now fully healthy after broken leg suffered late in 2016? Veteran Brandon Marshall after injury-filled 2017? Seattle must also find pass rush after departures of Bennett and Avril. Frank Clark can't do it alone.EXPECTATIONS: Different than they've been since first couple years of Pete Carroll's tenure. Seattle clearly decided to refresh locker room this offseason. Gone are big personalities of Sherman and Bennett. Also gone: lots of talent, a void that may not be filled immediately. There is optimism about Seattle's rookie class, but for first time since 2013 Seahawks don't go into season as one of favorite.ARIZONA CARDINALS (8-8)OPEN CAMP: July 27, Glendale, ArizonaLAST YEAR: Cardinals dealt with myriad injuries but managed to pull out win in Seattle in finale to finish 8-8 in coach Bruce Arians' final game. He announced retirement next day. Arians finished with franchise-record 50 wins, but his teams failed to make playoffs in last two years. QB Carson Palmer, after another season shortened by injury, also announced retirement. 8-8 record came despite loss of standout running back David Johnson when he dislocated wrist in opener. It was another standout year for Larry Fitzgerald: In 14th NFL season, he finished second in league in receptions with 102. Outside linebacker Chandler Jones led NFL with 16 陆 sacks.IMPORTANT ADDITIONS: Coach Steve Wilks, QB Sam Bradford, QB Josh Rosen, QB Mike Glennon, RT Andre Smith, RG Justin Pugh, WR Brice Butler, WR Christian Kirk, CB Jamar Taylor, RB Chase Edmonds.IMPORTANT LOSSES: Arians, Palmer, S Tyrann Mathieu, WR John Brown, WR Jaron Brown , QB Drew Stanton, OT Jared Veldheer, CB Justin Bethel, OG Alex Boone, DT Frostee Rucker, ILB Karlos Dansby, DT Josh Mauro, TE Troy Niklas, OT Earl Watford.CAMP NEEDS: With new coach and new systems on offense, defense and special teams, plenty for Cardinals to work on once they don pads. While most practices will be held in air conditioned comfort of University of Phoenix Stadium, Wilks says he wants some workouts outside in sweltering Arizona summer heat. There will be several important position battles, including for No. 2 receiver spot behind Fitzgerald. There's also intrigue at quarterback, where Rosen has drawn praise as Cardinals bring along Bradford slowly after last year's knee injury. Rosen will try to unseat Glennon as backup. Wilks and new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy want much of offense built around dynamic Johnson, who led NFL in yards from scrimmage two seasons ago. But Johnson skipped mandatory minicamp in contract dispute. Wilks also has cut camp shorter, ending it on Aug. 13 — just after second preseason game — and moving back to practice facilities.EXPECTATIONS: Outside of Cardinals organization, expectations aren't high. Many early forecasts have them finishing last in the NFC West. But Wilks has impressed players with his system and he says team has cornerstones of great players — Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, Johnson and maybe Bradford — to build winning team. Preseason games will be particularly interesting as Rosen is likely to get extensive playing time.SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (6-10)OPEN CAMP: July 25, Santa Clara, CaliforniaLAST YEAR: Coach Kyle Shanahan's first year with San Francisco was tale of two seasons. 49ers lost first nine games — including record five straight by three points or fewer. But San Francisco posted most dramatic in-season turnaround in NFL history by winning final five games after putting midseason acquisition Jimmy Garoppolo in as starting quarterback.IMPORTANT ADDITIONS: CB Richard Sherman, RB Jerick McKinnon, C Weston Richburg, LB Jeremiah Attaochu, G Jonathan Cooper, LB Korey Toomer, T Mike McGlinchey, WR Dante Pettis, LB Fred Warner.IMPORTANT LOSSES: RB Carlos Hyde, S Eric Reid, CB Dontae Johnson, DE Elvis Dumervil, C Daniel Kilgore, T Trent Brown, G Brandon Fusco,CAMP NEEDS: Biggest question marks are at cornerback and pass rusher. Sherman was signed after being cut loose by Seattle and is working his way back from Achilles tendon injury. He is no longer elite shutdown cornerback but is being counted on by Niners. Ahkello Witherspoon showed promise as rookie but will need to step up if San Francisco will have top-flight defense. 49ers were unable to make major upgrades to pass rush in free agency or draft and are hoping for better production from last year's first-round pick Solomon Thomas, as well as free-agent acquisition Attaochu.EXPECTATIONS: Full season of Garoppolo has created high hopes in San Francisco for franchise that has second-fewest wins in NFL in past three seasons with 13. Garoppolo is undefeated in seven starts as pro and earned $137.5 million contract in offseason based on his strong play after trade from New England. Garoppolo won't be able to get San Francisco back to playoffs for first time since 2013 on his own. He will need to find go-to receiver, hope McKinnon thrives as featured back , and defense led by emerging star tackle DeForest Buckner improves. The Arizona Cardinals have found the win column.It was not pretty, but when Steve Wilks outlined his vision of what the Arizona Cardinals would be in 2018, that was basically what he described.It came to fruition, and we will enjoy it for what it was, a chance to crawl out of the “worst team in the NFL” hole that the Cardinals are in.However, what happened on Sunday is not a sustainable model.Let’s take a look at five things we learned from the Arizona Cardinals 28-18 win over the San Francisco 49ers.Steve Wilks and his staff are still struggling to find their wayWhen the game started, you saw how good Kyle Shanahan’s script was, you saw him dialing up plays with a second string quarterback, third and fourth string wide receivers and then losing their best offensive player in Matt Breida before halftime. Oh year, Breida had 56 yards on only eight carries, that is seven yards per carry for the non-math folks amongst us.In fact, the Cardinals were outgained 447 yards to 220, the 49ers had 33 first downs, the Cardinals had ten, and finally, the 49ers possessed the ball for 40 minutes to the Arizona Cardinals only 20 minutes.The Cardinals were outdone in nearly every facet of the game, but the one that mattered, the scoreboard. That’s good enough for this game, but Wilks and his staff have to find a way to get the numbers not so skewed or the Cardinals will be losing a lot more games this year.2. Josh Rosen is not infalableRosen hit Christian Kirk on a 75-yard touchdown then was okay.In certain situations he looked cool, calm and collected, but in others, you could tell that the hits he was taking from the San Francisco 49ers, as well as the drops his receivers had were weighing on his performance. Rosen was high on a number of passes he hit last week, that's okay, because he avoided turnovers, but it also reminds us that the Cardinals rookie is... A rookie.3. Chandler Jones is still specialJones was a man amongst boys in the Cardinals win over the 49ers and reminded everyone in the NFL just how special of a talent he is. He was making plays all over the field today, and his ability to win against the pass and run today was one of the biggest reasons the Arizona Cardinals came out ahead.4. Robert Nkemdiche is importantThe Cardinals defensive tackle was held out in today's game and him missing showed up. The Cardinals were completely gashed in the run game today and Nkemdiche's presence takes pressure off others to be heavy on interior pressures.It's interesting to see that Nkemdiche is a key component, but it is also something good to see.5. Mike McCoy is a problemMcCoy could have been a talented play caller at one time, he leaned on different quarterbacks to varying levels of success, but his offense was always best with a Phillip Rivers and Peyton Manning running his offense. Putting Josh Rosen on that level is not going to be fair and quite frankly not going bto happen this early in his career. Which means that you have to go to all of the non-Rivers and Manning offenses to figure out what McCoy can do.That portion of his career is... Not great. With Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow at quarterback, the results are interesting. There are plenty of strong points to McCoy's resume, but putting up league average or above numbers without a very good, veteran quarterback is highly unlikely. McCoy is not with the new NFL. He has not adapted his playbook, his substitution pattern, his usage or design.The Cardinals need someone who can grow with Josh Rosen. While McCoy can teach him plenty between Sunday's, on Sunday, he has been an anchor more than propeller.That has to change.

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Silver Mining 8/24: Raiders prep for third preseason game vs Packers Raiders

NewsRaiders face Packers in third exhibition; five guys to watchChris Warren Womens Justin Ellis Jersey , Connor Cook and others should have your eyes on Friday night against the Packers.Green Bay to rest starters against Raiders, including QB Aaron Rodgers While the Raiders should be giving plenty of run to their starters against the Packers at the Oakland Coliseum on Friday night, the visiting team won’t be doing the same.Raiders waive 2017 round two pick Obi MelifonwuAfter weeks of Jon Gruden saying Obi Melifonwu was "still being evaluated" for a mystery injury he suffered in camp, the Raiders have now officially waived him.Doug Martin finds rhythm in Raiders' run game despite lack of preseason carriesDoug Martin has only touched the ball once in the preseason, but the Raiders still expect a lot out of the veteran running back.Arden Key saw few snaps in his first preseason action, we will see more of him vs Packers Fans in Oakland will finally get a good long look at this exciting rookie.Raiders tight end Jared Cook feels at home in Jon Gruden’s systemLet go by the Packers, a pass-catcher joins the Raiders and leads the team in receiving in his first season in Oakland.Football Outsiders ‘loves’ Raiders DT PJ Hall as a reliable run stuffer, pass rusher This week, the good folks from Football Outsiders have been answering several questions posed to them from we here at Silver and Black Pride. The first three questions dealt with the coaching staff...PFF: Raiders LB Marquel Lee is the fourth-highest graded linebackerPFF: Raiders LB Marquel Lee is the fourth-highest graded linebacker in the preseasonRaiders players and coaches frustrated with ‘grey area’ in new leading with the helmet penalties ‘at some point it is football’At some point it will no longer be football. At least not tackle football if this keeps up.AFC WestMike Williams Shows Out with Dominant Practice vs. SaintsThe second-year wide receiver stole the show at Jack Hammett Sports Complex.Chargers' Uchenna Nwosu is blocking out praise , and rookie linebacker is 'getting it'Rookie linebacker Uchenna Nwosu from USC has been one of the newcomers who, over the past three weeks or so, has emerged most vividly.Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill had the most ridiculous press conference Thursday - Arrowhead PrideHill talked kickball, the Chiefs’ Madden league and how he and Patrick Mahomes could become the best one-two punch in the league.Why the Kansas City Chiefs should make a play for Obi MelifonwuThe Oakland Raiders cut Obi Melifonwu on Thursday and the Kansas City Chiefs would be wise to make a play while they can.Denver Broncos: A Pat Bowlen Led Hall of Fame LegacyIt is a culture of winning that made Pat Bowlen that made the Denver Broncos owner an instant Hall of Famer. He is now a finalist as a contributor.Denver Broncos Von Miller grows up - Denver Broncos Blog- ESPNThe Broncos superstar might never give up his big-smiling, fan-friendly, dancing ways, but now he is ready to be Denver's veteran, vocal leader.Around the NFLDolphins’ Minkah Fitzpatrick feels natural at slot CB positionMiami Dolphins' Minkah Fitzpatrick feels natural at slot cornerback position.Denzel Ward suffers back injury during Browns' win - NFL.comCleveland Browns rookie cornerback Denzel Ward left for the locker room after suffering an undisclosed injury during the first quarter of Thursday's preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.NFL free agents 2018: 5 players who need to be signed before Week 1 - SBNation.comNFL teams will continue making moves as the season approaches, and while most of those moves will be cuts Authentic Rashaan Melvin Jersey , there are still a few players we’re hoping to see signed before the regular season begins.The All-Breakout Team: NFL players who will become stars this seasonMitch Trubinsky, Kenyan Drake and Carl Lawson are ready to dominate.NFL players got your attention with the national anthem. Now wrestle with racial inequality and social injustice.NFL players have turned their activism into action, but their detractors aren’t addressing the real issues.Player tracking data is next step in NFL's analytics revolutionSome NFL teams have been slow to embrace analytics. With the deep player-tracking era now upon us, the skeptical could get quickly left behind.NFL players, coaches, refs grapple with new helmet rule - SFChronicle.comThe NFL is taking shots for the new way it’s legislating hits. This summer, pro football’s exhibition season centers on fallout surrounding a new rule banning players from lowering their helmets before contact. Vikings somehow got George Iloka to sign for the veteran minimumThe Minnesota Vikings were able to convince the free-agent safety to sign a one-year deal with the team that is reportedly worth less than $1 million.Davante Adams’ impromptu visit creates lasting memory for Packers fanThe story behind the Pro Bowl receiver’s surprise in the Lambeau Field parking lotThese three milestones are in reach for Adrian Peterson | NBC Sports WashingtonIf Adrian Peterson can catch on with the Redskins, he can accomplish a few big-time things early on in 2018. The Raiders have been without tackle Donald Penn since early October due to a groin injury that landed him on injured reserve. Despite the Raiders heading nowhere this season, head coach Jon Gruden is hopeful Penn can get back on the field before the season comes to an end.“He has been downstairs rehabbing and we are hoping he can come back and help us Cheap Kolton Miller Jersey ,” Gruden said, via Scott Bair of NBC Bay Area. “I don’t know how close he is officially, but he is making progress. Hope to have him on the field before the season is over.”Penn is not yet ready to return to the practice field even though he is eligible to do so this week. The Raiders move Penn to right tackle this season to accommodate rookie Kolton Miller at left tackle. He played in the first four games of the year for Oakland at right tackle before being injured against the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 30. He was placed on injured reserve three days later.Having been on injured reserve for eight weeks, Penn will be eligible to return any time between now and the end of the season. Once the Raiders designate him to return from IR, he can practice for up to three weeks before needing to be added back to the 53-man roster. The Raiders have one return designation remaining after designating defensive tackle Justin Ellis from injured reserve.If Penn is set to return, running back Marshawn Lynch will no longer be eligible to play again this season.

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Raiders Las Vegas stadium gets address change

Al Davis gets street named after him This was a tricky little maneuver by the Raiders. The lot where the stadium was to go was located at 5617 Dean Martin Drive. But with a clever street name change Youth Derek Carrier Jersey , it will now be located at 3333 Al Davis Way.No, Dean Martin isn’t losing the street named after him. That street will remain in the crooner’s name right across the freeway from the street named after his rat pack pal, Frank Sinatra Drive. There is a small road that notches into the northeast corner of the lot which didn’t have a name. It was simply a connector road between Aldebaran Avenue and Dean Martin Drive. That connector road will now be called Al Davis Way and 3333 is now the address for the Raiders stadium currently under construction.Al Davis, of course, was the Managing General Partner of the Raiders for nearly 50 years. He was an NFL pioneer and was the face of the Raiders as well as its voice and keeper of the Raider mystique. The stadium should absolutely be located on a street bearing his name.Follow @LeviDamienSilver Mining 9/3: LA Rams Todd Gurley and company happy not to face Khalil Mack Raiders NewsGurley, Rams happy they won’t have to face Mack in Raiders matchupThe Rams and the Oakland Raiders will be the last teams to open the NFL season when they play Sept. 10 on “Monday Night Football.” Rams running back Todd Gurley is in no hurry.Analysis of Khalil Mack trade, 2018 NFL roster cuts | SI.comFrom trades (Khalil Mack to the Bears), cuts (Corey Coleman) , injuries (Jerick McKinnon) and retirements (Terence Newman), the 2018 NFL roster cut-down day was busier than expected, to say the least.As Vegas waits, Raiders are betting Gruden can bring success back to OaklandRaiders owner Mark Davis talks about social inroads the franchise made in 1968.Raiders Insist Martavis Bryant's Release Was About Competition And Not His Impending Drug SuspensionMartavis Bryant’s career with the Oakland Raiders lasted all of four months before the team decided to cut him from the final roster.Jon Gruden finally spoke about Khalil Mack and he made things even more confusing - CBSSports.comGruden tried to explain the trade of his team's best playerRaiders waiver claim and practice squad tracker - Silver And Black PrideWith the cuts yesterday comes waiver claims today. That means the Raiders can claim players other teams waived and vice versa. The deadline for waiver claims is 9 am Pacific time while practice...AFC WestDenver Broncos: Troy Fumagalli heads to IR, will miss all of 2018Denver Broncos rookie tight end Troy Fumagalli will have to wait until the 2019 season to make the team, as he's heading to season-ending IR.Broncos safety Su'a Cravens to have another knee surgery, go on injured reserve - CBSSports.comCravens missed the team's first few preseason games with the injury but returned for the finaleJohn Elway And The Broncos Admit Defeat On First-Round Pick Paxton LynchBroncos GM John Elway’s reputation for assessing quarterback talent took another hit today when the team announced that they were cutting Paxton Lynch from their 53-man roster to make room for Kevin Hogan. Denver took Lynch in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft with the 26th overall pick.Chargers not shutting down Hunter Henry just yet – ProFootballTalkChargers tight end Hunter Henry suffered a torn ACL in May and is expected to miss the entire season, but the Chargers aren't ready to declare him out just yet.Gates rejoins Chargers — and that's a good thing - The San Diego Union-TribuneVeteran tight end expected to play in season opener next week against Kansas City.E:60 special on Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach is unbelievable - Arrowhead PrideESPN dropped a surprise story on Sunday morning Frostee Rucker Jersey , and it involves a key member of the Chiefs’ coaching staffBrett Veach explains some 53-man roster choicesThe Chiefs GM was forward with the information behind his decisions.Matt McGloin released by Kansas City ChiefsThe Kansas City Chiefs have released their third-string quarterback Matt McGloin shortly after he'd made the final 53-man roster.NFL NewsNFL roster news: Veteran DE Michael Johnson re-signing with Bengals - Cincy JungleThe 10-year NFL veteran is staying in the Queen City.NFL roster cuts: What’s it like for a player who gets released? - SBNation.comSome 1,400 NFL players are getting a pink slip this weekend. Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz recounts his cutdown day experience.NFL Odds: Updated Super Bowl LIII Lines, Division Odds For Every Team Heading Into 2018 NFL SeasonThe 2018 NFL season kicks off later this week, making it the perfect time to get a Super Bowl LIII bet in. Vegas recently updated the championship odds for every team, so read on to find out where your favorite squad stands and how these lines have changed since they were first released in February.NFL injury lists: Explaining PUP, NFI, IR and more roster designations - Cincy JungleEverything you need to know about the many roster designations an NFL player can receive heading into the regular season.

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