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Runescape junior player strategy

First of all, entering the game is a training pass. You don't have to plan to practice. Talk to someone who flickers an arrow first, ignore what he says, quickly finish talking, and see that there is an arrow on the door, open the door and go out. There's a man outside with an arrow on his head. Talk to him. He'll give you an axe and matchbox, click on the axe, click on a tree, and you'll start cutting down the tree. When you have a pile of wood in your item bar, click on the matchbox and click on the wood, you'll build a fire. For more information regarding RS gold look into our own page.Then talk to another person with an arrow on his head. He gives you a fishing net, and you go to the water, where there is a shining place to fish shrimp. When you get it, you go to a fire just made, click shrimp, click fire, and you start roasting shrimp. If you burn it, you need to come back again until the golden shrimp is ready to go out. This is to watch the map on the top right side of the game screen, where there will be arrows to remind you to go there. Click on the cursor on the map, open the fence door, you can see a house and go.
Open the door and see a chef and talk to him. He will give you a bucket of water and a jar of flour. Click on the bucket and click on the flour pot so that the dough appears. When the arrow appears in the picture, you click on the dough, and then click on the cursor to indicate the place, your people go to make bread. When they are ready, they talk to the chef and he will give you new and the same thing, and do it again. Then your chef level will rise to level 2. There is an arrow on the map, go and open the door, and count the way north, enter. Another house.
After entering, chat with the people inside, click on all the flashing points, go to the place indicated by the arrow, and follow the ladder into the basement. After talking to the miner's tutor, you see the arrow pointing you to the ore.If you have any type of questions concerning where and ways to use OSRS Gold, you can contact us at our internet site. Right-click on the ore, select the second prospect rock, run to another rock, and repeat the same. Then I'll talk to the miner. He will give you a pickaxe to dig, you follow the arrow instructions to start digging, two kinds of mines to dig, to the furnace, click on any piece, and then click on the furnace, he synthesized copper block. Go back to the miners. He'll give you a hammer. You go to the saddle indicated by the arrow, click on the copper, click on the saddle, a window appears, select dagger, and you get him. Then you can press the arrow to open the door into another area.

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