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Ensure you take advantage of the

I hope that you might have enjoyed some of my other articles on Italian related subjects. I have been writing articles about my all things Italian and translations and language lessons.

In this article ?Italian Translation into English ? A trip to the Beach' I will be taking you on a trip to the seaside?..Italian style. I hope this will help those trying to learn the Italian language as well as those with a general passion for all things Italian.

Luckily for Italian?s Italy is geographically long and thin giving almost all its citizens less then an hours drive before they arrive at the seaside. Lets not forget this is the Mediterranean so the weather allows many months of seaside outings trips.

As stated Wholesale Houston Rockets Jerseys , Italy is surrounded with beaches and seaside resorts. Nearly all locations have private beaches (in some places you would struggle to find a free beach and then struggle even more for space). At these private beaches you can rent sun beds, umbrella?s, beach cabins Wholesale Indiana Pacers Jerseys , etc. But most will not rent towels. These you should carry.

So lets start with a few Italian translations:

Is there a ??? here? ? C?e ??.? (Pronounced ?cheh?)

I want to rent some?.. ? Vorrei noleggiare??.

For?..hours ? Per?..ore

Deck chair ? una sedia a sdraio

Sun bed ? Lettino abbronzante

Umbrella ? un ombrellone

Now you are enjoy the beautiful weather perhaps its time for some activities. I hope these Italian translations will assist:

Is it safe for children? ? E sicuro per I bambini?

Is it safe to swim? ? Si puo nuotare?

Jet ski ? una moto acquatica

Diving equipment ? attrezzature da sub

Many Italians have a selection of beaches they like to visit. The mix depends on at which point they are at in their lives. The most common 2 are:

1) The family beach ? It's not a beach just for families. It the beach where the family goes to most. They will often rent their sun loungers and cabin for the entire season.

2) The beach where they go to meet their friends. This is often more the beach where people go for people watching, being noticed and making ?new? friends. A lot of dating commences at the beach.

But Italian men are not shy. They will go so far as to pass a girl a phone number when her boyfriend has gone to the bar. Or leave their sun bed at the same time as she does so they can intercept her as she walks back.

But this is a small issue compared to the great time you will have. Beautiful beaches, great weather Wholesale Los Angeles Clippers Jerseys , Great food (yes the food at the private beaches is pretty good too) clear seas and always a warm Italian atmosphere.

I do hope you have enjoyed my article 'Italian Translation Into English ? A trip to the Beach La Spiagga' and the translation English Italian provided. You will find a growing number of articles by me on Italian life, Translations and Languages at the Axis Translations webs
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