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Path of Exile: Synthesis is Now Live 3

As players move along with all the Crawler, it'll pass nodes of azurite every so often. The mineral will automatically be added towards the cart as players go by. This is essential as azurite is utilized to POE Currency upgrade the Crawler or flares and dynamite. In addition, items dropped along the way may also be neatly collected for players to loot in the end with the Delve, so insufficient time is wasted picking up stuff that drop.

As you could possibly expect, the deeper a farmer ventures, a lot more the danger increases along with the rewards progress. As an infinite dungeon, players will see "many very interesting things in the process -- hidden cities, special occasions...players will discover new things at all times," Chris said.

"We've used ten tilesets of belongings you can encounter including POE Orbs ice caves, petrified forests, underground cities, fiery caverns, bosses, events plus more. It's different for all every time. You can explore downward or laterally."

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