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What is your favorite Maple story M Mesos

What is your favorite Maple story M Mesos class What exactly are you playing right now? I'm on a little bit of a sorc kick sorcery at PvP. That is where I am at. I also have a stamina sorcerer that I play in PvE and I have a stamina templar which I played with a lot before I got to magicka sorc in PvP. Right. So what's the reward system for players? Are there any benefits for healers and service? We do and we've actually talked a lot about how we're doing rewards. But essentially we want to reward you. So if you're in a group death match game, you are gonna get rewarded and awarded for killing and assisting in kills and maintaining your teammates alive, these sort of things.

Whereas in say, capture the flag, you are not gonna get rewards for killing players. You are gonna get rewards for shooting episodes, defending flags, and returning flags, those sort of things that concentrate more on the coordination and playing the game style. Outside of that in our battle grounds, you do earn AP or XP . We award all that stuff . So you need to participate in the entire manner or entire game, then we award it to you at conclusion.

You are earning medals basically while the game is currently going on. You will get, sort of like on your loot flow, I don't know if you've played recently but once you loot a product or you get XP, it'll be like,"Hey, you got XP" or"Hey, you earned anything." And these medals are the things that kind of tie into your end score to the battle ground and that all goes together to offer you your reward at the end. And there's a ton of medals, like I said. There is awards for recovery and harm and taking damage. If you're carrying a flag or defending an area.

What we're attempting to perform, the gear Maplestory M Mesos for sale that we're gonna present is gonna be more thematic around PvP actions. So that the set bonus is currently gon na be concentrated more on how do I do Battle Grounds better? Do I survive PvP better. With the impenetrable trait on gear.What makes you excited about PvP, we have that sort of theory? What is the core... what is your white whale to creating this fun and kinetic and instant? I think number one is accessibility. The way you're gonna do that in ours is you go in, you open the action finder up, you click on Battle Grounds, and you click on Go.

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