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Affecting changes to the game

Psyonix acquire arise that the Hot Auto Triple Threat DLC Backpack will be arise for Rocket League Items on all platforms on September 24, 2018. It will be priced at $5.99 in the U.S.The add-on includes three Hot Auto Battle-Cars, added three new creature-themed Toppers. A chargeless agreeable bead will aswell add a new Hot Wheels-themed arena, and themed cosmetics appearance the 50th ceremony of the Hot Auto toy brand.

A concrete Hot Auto Rocket Alliance 5-Pack will aswell be arise in North America in mid-October. It appearance die-cast toy versions of the Gazella GT, MR11, Fast 4WD, Bone Shaker, and Twin Mill III battle-cars. The backpack will aswell cover a cipher for the absolute Hot Hot Auto in-game DLC item. is attainable now on PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Developer Psyonix arise its attainable roadmap for ROCKET LEAGUE, annual its affairs for new music, DLC, events, and affecting changes to the game’s progression and accolade system. Dubbed the “Rocket Pass,” this new arrangement will change how players acceptance in-game cosmetics through a two-tiered arrangement that will aeon every few months.

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