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Game Review: Online Seniors Scroll: Elsweyr (PC)

Bethesda's critically acclaimed adventure game invites players to start a new adventure as The Elder Scrolls Online continues its new Elsweyr chapter throughout the year and continues its one-year dragon season.

A thousand years before "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim", The Elder Scrolls Online offers game lovers the opportunity to experience the history of fictional continents. In the past five years, developers have happened to add new areas, some familiar, some strange, and retell the legendary story, previously only found solo games in magazines.

ESO is essentially a free massively multiplayer game. Players only need to choose the base game, after which they are free to ESO Gold
experience the rich game world. Other regions and questlines can be obtained separately or with your ESO Plus subscription.

Casual players will see these free content, and those who find themselves spending extra time in the game may be better off with monthly subscriptions.

Elsweyr continues this year's game story event, which began in March with the Wrathstone DLC. It will launch two more DLC plugins later this year.

The dragon has returned to Tyrrell, threatening to destroy Ayerswell, the hometown of Elvis, like Cargill. Players can now explore the beach and enjoy new story missions through this new gaming area. There are two new public dungeons, six new modules (small dungeons are great for single-player games) and teams to Elder Scrolls Online Gold
beat new world bosses.

New and existing players try to create a new character to study new areas, choose new Necromancer classes, use dark magic and control with the deceased to assist their adventures. For this expansion, the action has a new prelude to introducing players to new characters and locations.

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