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Blizzard is the not the same buy classic wow gold

Blizzard is the not the same wow classic gold company it was back then. They will ONLY change WoW Classic for your worst. All the devs that understood how make enhance WoW Classic are gone. Can you even think this thru to get a second? Let's say they buff the threat generation or some thing for vent pallys so they can tank Where is this vent pally tier set coming from then lawbringer(tier1) and decision (tier2) have no block or dodge, parry modifiers on them? Oh let's just copy paste the warrior's set? Nope pallys had mana issues in long struggles as in any raid boss. And their moves the course fantasy and individuality just like it did in retail. We wanted WoW Classic were getting WoW Classic warts and all.

Bringing the bad courses up will automatically penalise the fantastic courses. You take a part of the pie away from the decent classes. That's a penalty. This eco system is what most of the advocates for WoW Classic desired. By making even one class change you will demolish the whole ecology of this. No thanks. If u create feral and protector good - what is the point of playing a warrior, whenever there's a course that can dps - tank and heal at a whim of a spec change. You have not changed warrior but by buffing the total class of druid you have just demolished the warrior. Eco system. It's not about personal glory - vanilla is about the excellent team function meta where each category constitutes the weakness of another.

As soon as I started playing back in vanilla I didnt even know what a raid was. I didnt even know what an instance was. It was a whole world that unfolded gradually as you played through and I never had a goal using WoW Classic I only loved playing. I recall having a friend over and the only thing we did for an whole night was just exploring new zones end up in The Shimmering apartments as lvl 15 ish noobies only having fun. It was amazing. I shall play WoW Classic casually and enjoy gradually improving my character. I think WoW Classic got turned into what it is now because it tried to accommodate into the young adult male mentality and Activision attempting to squeeze our pockets. I guess people will perform hardcore this time around as well to become the most bad ass about and that's totally OK and even a cool item. However, for many people it will be casual fun. If it stays mostly unchanged and the servers becoming steady with the amount of players I will imagine I'll have an active subscription til the day I die. And I hope I'll find a lot of amazing, like minded people on the planet with me.

That's the most realistic and honest movie about WoW Classic. I agree with what you mentioned. Vanilla has such a huge potential because of being a community oriented sport. Though it was the first MMO that Blizzard developed. Course and Raid balance is all I want out of vanilla, because, let's be honest buy wow classic gold Vanilla was planet of mage/rogue/warrior craft. If you would like to be tank - warrior, then melee dps - warrior or rogue, array dps - Mage, well warlocks are workable but mages will continually be prefered. Paladins can simply be healers with fabric gear, priests are only as well, Druids aren't wanted anywhere, their only role goes to being raid buffer, generally 1 per raid and healing support.

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