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Upping the Ante in the Job Search

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When the usual tactics aren't producing an offer in a job search, what are your options? You might be surprised and delighted to learn that you have a lot of options. Whether you are looking for jobs for 16 year olds or have a rich career, consider these 3 options when you find yourself stuck in your job search.

Work for Free

I might have lost you by the title, but don't drive by this idea too quickly. And I realize that while working, you are not doing the work of a job search. But when Carl, a displaced CFO, found himself hitting dead ends, he decided to approach a small but growing company to work for free.

But Carl did some smart things that allowed him time to continue his job search and make sure his investment in them might be rewarded. Talk through some important issues before you give your time away too quickly.

First, is there a problem you can solve within a month or two that would showcase your best you? And if you did, is there a possibility that it would lead to a paycheck you could accept? If you get a "no" response on either of these, drive on and don't waste your time here.

Also, like any consulting assignment, be clear about their expectations, how they will evaluate you, what they want, and don't want. It's best to find out the rules of the road before violating them.

Start Another Revenue Stream While You Look

Yes, it might be time to use your unique gifts and talents to start a business. There are many traditional opportunities although online gigs, if you can find the right one, are easy to start, and while there is a learning and sales curve, why not start something while you have some time?

Once you sort through the scams you'll find some legitimate opportunities, great training resources if you know where to look and how to navigate it. Start with an understanding of the unique gifts and talents you bring to the world, then starting looking at resources. Don't let them persuade you to sell things that just don't fit with who you are.

I like AOL Business Start Up Advice as a source of good basic information. For those who want information on how to find under served markets or niche's that align with their expertise, I recommend Niche Profit Classroom. Adam Smart offers a 14-day trial and I would take full advantage of that in learning the basics of affiliate marketing and how Adam drives traffic to well-researched niche websites.

I also recommend Chris Ferrel's Affiliate Marketing Site. If affiliate marketing looks interesting to you, Chris offers a wealth of solid advice that is easily consumable through online videos and support. He's the best I've seen at teaching people how to leverage Facebook and shares many other tips and tricks that equip online marketers with the tools they need. Chris also offers a trial membership and a money-back guarantee.


This isn't a radical idea, but it's often overlooked by job seekers that feel stuck. When you volunteer, you build momentum, make great contacts as you expand your network, and add a line to your resume. It sure beats becoming a Guild Master in World of Warcraft.

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